Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear .
Kaja. Poland.18.Vege.

I love long walks, forests, MUSIC, tattoos, food, piercings, art and concerts.
I thought you were Haley Williams (singer for paramore) for a sec cause of hair but I like your song, any chance I could hear it?

Hahaha, that’s nice. Text that I put under the photo doesn’t belong to me. Unfortunately! It’s from Landscapes - No Love.

So looking back at these dreams, slipping down through my sleep,
I couldn’t tell you what the fuck was even happening to me,
I counted rocks on the cliffs as I fell down to the sea,
I could feel it all slipping away.
I float on slick black water paralyzed neck deep as I drowned in sleep,
like Ophelia’s last hour, unaware, drifting.